[ANNOUNCE] weston 1.10.91

Bryce Harrington bryce at osg.samsung.com
Wed May 4 07:55:50 UTC 2016

Here's the alpha for the upcoming 1.11 release.

Below are the full list of changes so far for this release.


    Armin Krezović (1):
      desktop-shell: make panel clock configurable

    Benoit Gschwind (5):
      headless: port the headless backend to the new init api
      compositor-rdp: refactor configuration API
      fbdev-backend: refactor configuration API
      headless-backend: fix leak of transform configuration
      x11: port the x11 backend to the new init api

    Bryce Harrington (14):
      configure.ac: bump to version 1.10.90 for open development
      config-parser: Check malloc and strdup returns
      option-parser: Handle short double-arg options
      clients: Use zalloc
      clients & tests: Unify multiple definitions of x*alloc and related functions
      shared: Print .c file/line number in x* routines
      ivi: Switch from MEM_ALLOC to the now equivalent xzalloc
      drm: Spelling fix in comment
      compositor: Drop unneeded create_output callback
      compositor: Version the backend configuration structures
      Revert 'main: Remove unused function load_backend_new()'
      main: document load_backend_new()
      x11: Fix incorrect output counting logic
      configure.ac: bump to version 1.10.91 for the alpha release

    Chris Michael (1):
      libinput-device: Remove unnecessary function call

    Christopher Michael (1):
      libinput-device: Remove unnecessary function call

    Derek Foreman (2):
      shell: Don't send extra configure events on click
      linux-dmabuf: Keep checking planes even if the first doesn't support lseek

    Emmanuel Gil Peyrot (2):
      configure: Make WebP support togglable, and improve its error message.
      configure: Make jpeglib an optional dependency.

    Eric Engestrom (4):
      zunitc: remove `break` after `return`
      zunitc: fix spelling mistake
      xwayland: fix spelling mistake
      client: fix spelling mistake

    Friedrich, Eugen (ADITG/SW1) (1):
      systemd: take over sockets created by systemd

    Giulio Camuffo (1):
      input: use doubles in the interfaces to notify of input events

    Gustavo Zacarias (2):
      build: add check for clock_gettime() in librt
      build: actually use CLOCK_GETTIME_LIBS for libzunitc

    Jon A. Cruz (1):
      tests: cleanup test runner script.

    Jonas Ådahl (4):
      desktop-shell: Unset the shell surface owner when it goes away
      desktop-shell: Get rid of some unused fields
      data-device: Update current action even if source version is old
      input: Don't try to send axis_source when there are no resources

    Manuel Bachmann (1):
      build: Require dbus for systemd-login

    Marek Chalupa (1):
      simple-egl: use roundtrip after get_registry request

    Mateusz Polrola (1):
      ivi-shell: Remove all surface transitions when it is being removed.

    Matthias Treydte (1):
      platform: explicitly cast the return value of weston_platform_get_egl_proc_address

    Miguel A. Vico (2):
      gl-renderer: Implement & use check_extension
      compositor-drm: Renaming of gbm fields

    Murray Calavera (1):
      clients: fix incorrect format handling in simple-shm

    Pekka Paalanen (20):
      Makefile: move presentation_timing source out of toytoolkit
      Makefile: handle also stable wayland-protocols
      protocol: migrate to stable presentation-time.xml
      ivi-shell: include config.h in ivi-layout-transition.c
      ivi-shell: add include guards on ivi-shell.h
      ivi-shell: call shell_surface_send_configure() directly
      ivi-shell: remove configured signal from ivi-layout
      ivi-shell: introduce ivi-layout-shell.h
      ivi-shell: remove add_configured_listener left-over
      ivi-shell: add shell surface labels
      ivi-shell: add input panel label func
      ivi-shell: add sanity check in ivi_shell_surface_configure
      ivi-shell: harden get_ivi_shell_surface()
      compositor-x11: stop using input_loop
      compositor: remove input_loop
      weston-info: do not round refresh rates
      Makefile: fix systemd-notify plugin CFLAGS
      weston-info: look for the right wp_presentation
      tests: check for NULL surface in keyboard and pointer handlers
      compositor-fbdev: make copy of the device string

    Quentin Glidic (3):
      input: Implement wl_seat.release
      build: Add (and use) an AC_SEARCH_LIBS wrapper
      compositor.h: Add shell_interface.get_output_work_area

    U. Artie Eoff (1):
      clients/nested: fix undefined reference to xzalloc

    Ucan, Emre (ADITG/SW1) (25):
      ivi-shell: remove content_observer notification
      ivi-shell: simplify ivi_layout_remove_surface
      ivi-shell: simplify ivi_layout_layer_add_surface
      ivi-shell: simplify ivi_layout_set_render_order
      ivi-shell: simplify ivi_layout_screen_add_layer
      ivi-shell: simplify ivi_layout_screen_set_render_order
      hmi-controller: fix wrong background surface size
      hmi-controller: fix wrong panel width
      ivi-shell: remove id_screen
      ivi-shell: remove ivi_layout_get_id_of_screen API
      ivi-shell: remove ivi_layout_get_screen_resolution API
      ivi-shell: remove ivi_layout_get_screens API
      ivi-shell: use weston_output in public APIs
      ivi-shell: implement get_screen_from_output
      ivi-shell: remove ivi_layout_get_screen_from_id API
      ivi-shell: remove ivi_layout_get_screen_output API
      ivi-shell: remove content_observer leftover
      ivi-shell: move event_mask to properties struct
      ivi-shell: rework surface_add_notification API
      ivi-shell: rework layer_add_notification API
      ivi-shell: rework create_surface notification
      ivi-shell: rework create_layer_notification
      ivi-shell: rework remove_layer notification
      ivi-shell: rework remove_surface notification
      ivi-shell: rework configure_surface notification

    Ucan, Emre \(ADITG/SW1\) (14):
      ivi-shell: remove ivi_layout_surface_get_visibility API
      ivi-shell: remove ivi_layout_layer_get_visibility API
      ivi-shell: remove ivi_layout_surface_get_opacity API
      ivi-shell: remove ivi_layout_layer_get_opacity API
      ivi-shell: remove ivi_layout_surface_get_position API
      ivi-shell: remove ivi_layout_layer_get_position API
      ivi-shell: remove ivi_layout_surface_get_dimension API
      ivi-shell: remove ivi_layout_layer_get_dimension API
      ivi-shell: remove ivi_layout_surface_get_orientation API
      ivi-shell: remove ivi_layout_layer_get_orientation API
      ivi-shell: remove ivi_layout_surface_set_position API
      ivi-shell: remove ivi_layout_layer_set_position API
      ivi-shell: remove ivi_layout_surface_set_dimension API
      ivi-shell: remove ivi_layout_layer_set_dimension API

    Wataru Natsume (4):
      hmi-controller: remove duplicate commit_changes in random mode
      remove warning of ivisurface reassign on the ivilayer
      hmi-controller: fix leak of ivi surface list
      ivi-layout: clear on_layer when layer_destroy

    Yong Bakos (6):
      man: Clarify weston.ini scale option
      desktop-shell: Use 'surface-local' to correct grammar
      fullscreen-shell: Use 'surface-local' to correct grammar
      ivi-layout: Correct coordinate adjective grammar, misspellings
      ivi-application: Hyphenate compound adjective surface-local
      compositor: Hyphenate compound adjective surface-local

    comic fans (1):
      compositor-drm: fix memcmp using a bad pointer in drm_outout_choose_initial_mode

git tag: 1.10.91
MD5:  5c40833b2835d3e6c34b21d97e0d9e63  weston-1.10.91.tar.xz
SHA1: 3a8a25571fcf6bd287dfaf33c4d91877418bcd94  weston-1.10.91.tar.xz
SHA256: 84d2d47e63c1056c57b5867c9c287ef82e0bb01d0f79ac4f9b30d58f6688b0e3  weston-1.10.91.tar.xz
PGP:  http://wayland.freedesktop.org/releases/weston-1.10.91.tar.xz.sig

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