kwin_wayland: ../libepoxy/src/dispatch_common.c:872: epoxy_get_proc_address: Assertion `0 && "Couldn't find current GLX or EGL context.\n"' failed.

Thiago Macieira thiago at
Mon May 23 20:01:07 UTC 2022

On Monday, 23 May 2022 11:07:35 PDT Carlos wrote:
> QImage::scaled: Image is a null image

This first line probably indicates an out-of-memory condition: some operation 
prior to this failed to allocate memory for its image, so scaled() simply 
complained that there was no image to scale. All the other errors after this 
could be related, like:

> plasma_workspace_pipewire_logging: Failed to query DMA-BUF format count.

This could be that it can't get the some information because the image was 
null. But, looking at the code, it looks more like more memory allocation 

    EGLint count = 0;
    EGLBoolean success = eglQueryDmaBufFormatsEXT(display, 0, nullptr, 

    if (!success || count == 0) {
        qCWarning(PIPEWIRE_LOGGING) << "Failed to query DMA-BUF format 
        return {};

> kf.plasma.quick: Couldn't create KWindowShadow for ToolTipDialog(0x2905a50)


So my conclusion is that you're out of memory, most likely due to a memory 
leak somewhere. All the error messages except for the kwin_wayland one from 
plasma, so it could be a memory leak in plasma.

> kf.baloo.engine: Running on 32 bit arch, limiting DB mmap to 1 GByte

Why are you running on 32-bit?

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