[ANNOUNCE] libinput 1.25.0

José Expósito jose.exposito89 at gmail.com
Mon Jan 15 09:53:23 UTC 2024

libinput 1.25.0 is now available.

This release includes a change in how left-handed settings are handled
for tablets.
Now, if libwacom doesn't contain a definition for a tablet yet, we
default to enabling a left-handed setting.

In addition, quirks for laptops from Dell, Google, Graviton, HP, HUAWEI,
Lenovo and Razer, gadgets like the RollerMouse Pro3 and virtual machines
like GNOME Boxes, VirtualBox or Virtual Machine Manager are included.

Finally, we have made improvements to libinput tooling, fixed a few bugs
and improve the documentation.

As always, many thanks to everyone involved for making this new version

Aiden (1):
      Add Lenovo ThinkPad E14 Quirk

Airat Makhmutov (1):
      quirks: touchpad quirk for Graviton N15i-K2

Benjamin Tissoires (1):
      CI: bump vm2c and kernel for VMs

Branko Grubić (1):
      quirks: Adds Lenovo Legion 5 Pro 16ARH7H keyboard quirk

Czcibor Bohusz-Dobosz (1):
      Number the fingers by slot in debug-gui

Elliot Gawthrop (1):
      quirks: add RollerMouse Pro3 double-click fix

José Expósito (12):
      evdev: Log bug when releasing key with count 0
      evdev: Fix uninitialized variable
      tools/record: print bus name
      pre-commit: Fix end of files
      meson: Use the meson setup command
      meson.build: Update to meson v0.56.0
      meson.build: Fix add_lamguages() warning
      quirks: add a quirk for the HUAWEI MateBook X Pro 2022 touchpad
      doc/user: add FAQ about scroll speed
      quirks: disable button debouncing for the QEMU/KVM mouse integration
      quirks: rename 50-framework.quirks
      libinput 1.25.0

Miroslav Jarý (1):
      Add quirk for Lenovo LOQ 15IRH8

Peter Hutterer (18):
      tools/record: print the vid/pid with proper 4 hex digits
      tablet: fix the tilt range being off by one
      tablet: fix the pressure offset range being off by one
      evdev: add a helper macro for the absinfo range
      tools: rename an enum value to fix a FreeBSD 14 name clash
      Add pre-commit hooks
      doc/user: update the udev rule to handle bind/unbind events (part 2)
      zsh: fix completion
      test: group the test devices and sort them
      touchpad: allow a palm pressure threshold of 0 to disable
      quirks: add quirks for RazerBlade162023 and RazerBlade182023
      quirks: disable button debouncing for the VirtualBox mouse integration
      quirks: don't disable the keyboard on the Dell Latitude 7275
      gitlab: make the bug template the default template
      triage-policies: add bugbot labels for requesting hid-recorder output
      fallback: add messages for touch arbitration debugging
      triage-policies: emphasize that recordings must be attached
      evdev: default tablets to allow for rotation

Rajas Paranjpe (1):
      quirks: disable Chromebook Redrix AttrPalmPressureThreshold

Vadim Yanitskiy (1):
      quirks: match 'ITE Device(8910)' keyboard by USB VID/PID

Weifeng Liu (1):
      quirks: Add quirk for Google Chromebook Redrix

WeirdTreeThing (1):
      quirks: Add quirk for Google Chromebook Drobit

lilly-lizard (1):
      removed thinkpad 13 gen 2 trackpoint pre-multiply quirk

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