[Xcb] Figuring out how events differ in XCB compared to Xlib

Travis Spencer travislspencer at gmail.com
Tue Aug 2 04:35:06 EST 2005

On 8/1/05, Jamey Sharp <jamey at minilop.net> wrote:
> That's awesome, Travis! Thank you!

Thanks.  The little bit that I've done so far has been a helpful
exercise.  I'll write up some more examples and stuff in the next week
or so.

> To answer one of the questions you posed in the guide so far, "You
> can't." The question was "How do you get a Display object given an
> XCBConnection object?" Any function that takes only an XCBConnection has
> to be a pure XCB function, and so do all the things it calls. (I'm lying
> a little bit, in the sense that you could hack around it with a global
> hashtable or something. But I certainly wouldn't recommend it.)

OK. I've updated that page to say as much. 

> I just put my slides up in the Publications section, from my talk two
> weeks ago. Slide 20 has my recommended porting strategy; would you mind
> looking it over?

I added a "Big Picture" section to the main XcbPorting page explaining
what you mentioned on that slide.  I hope I captured what you had in
mind.  Since I wasn't at the conference, I kinda had to guess about
what was between the lines.

> Thanks again, Travis,

Happy to be apart of the fun :)



Travis Spencer

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