[Xcb] Missing copyright notices

Barton C Massey bart at cs.pdx.edu
Wed Mar 26 11:19:28 PDT 2008

In message <6A409155-70F4-4CCD-998C-43F9D462872B at quirkster.com> you wrote:
> You have my permission to put my name, Ian Osgood  
> <iano at quirkster.com>, in the copyrights as stated in the  
> aforementioned patches.
> However, is there a briefer form of this boilerplate, perhaps  
> referring to a separate document? It is a pet peeve of mine that  
> identical license text dwarfs the actual code in many source and  
> header files.

For small files I'm fine with just referring to the COPYING
file that should be shipped with the distribution.

> Also curious, is there a mechanism for *removing* copyright when the  
> last of someone's code is removed? For example, I think the code in  
> xcb_image.c  and .h is now entirely Bart's creation.

There's still remnants of the older stuff.  Probably the
easiest is for the old authors to sign copyright over to the
new author.  IANAL, so I don't know the answer to the
question "if a file is replaced a little at a time so that
it is all new code, is it still a derivative work of the
original."  The old BSD / ATT lawsuit would suggest that the
answer is no, but we should ask a real lawyer.


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