[Xcb] Qlength like in xcb

Arnaud Fontaine arnaud at andesi.org
Thu Feb 4 14:40:35 PST 2010


> I'm about to release mine too. It was an useful exercise, but I don't
> belive useful coding a new composite manager. Rather might be a good work
> porting to xcb an existing composite manager. A composite manager take
real > advantage from xcb model and if kwin or compiz (or *) developer
are not
> devoted to an xcb port a new xcb cm is a possibility.

Indeed, I only know one Compositing Manager, namely xcompmgr. Kwin, Compiz
and others are Compositing Window Managers, which is not at all the same

Surely it would be interesting to port a Compositing Window Manager to
XCB, however I'm personally more interested in a Compositing Manager as I
think something generic, which could run along any EWMH-compliant window
manager such as Awesome (even if there will certainly be a certain amount
of work to make it compliant), would be much more interesting.

Anyway, I'm about to leave for the WE, so I will send my announcement
afterwards ;).


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