[Xcb] Win32 port -- git help

Peter Harris pharris at opentext.com
Thu Mar 25 10:50:46 PDT 2010

On 2010-03-25 13:22, Jeetu Golani wrote:
> I've updated the current (about a couple of weeks ago) code of xcb to include 
> changes for Win32. I'm still testing this code however it seems all right at 
> the moment.
> What I would like to do is push this new branch onto my github repo which 
> would then contain the code for the earlier version and the updated (and 
> history).

I'm not sure why you want to keep the earlier version. Most people like
to pretend that only the perfect final version of a patch series ever

But git can certainly cater to all tastes.

> Unfortunately I'm not very good with git :(....I wonder what is the preferred 
> practice by xcb devels to do this. Should I establish a new branch at my 
> github repo? How should I tag this new branch? Should I then merge this new 
> branch to the current tree there? 
> I'd appreciate advice (and git steps :) ) to achieve this updation.

Personally, I would overwrite "master" with the current version, and
keep the old version in a branch called "old" or "previous" or
"June2009" (adjust to taste).

Assuming your github remote is called "origin", and assuming that the
new version is locally in "master", the git steps to achieve this would
be something like:

git branch origin/master old
git push origin old +master

(By default, git doesn't let you throw away history remotely. The plus
at the front of +master means "throw away whatever used to be master and
use mine instead - I know what I'm doing, honest". Github might not let
you do that; I don't use github personally, so I don't know how it's

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