GStreamer on freedesktop

"Marc Boris Dürner" mduerner at
Tue Dec 9 18:05:14 EET 2003

>>  I would stay away from glib dependancies, but in the end all you really
>> with HAL is  
>> providing a reference implementation.  
>Please clarify what you mean by 'stay away'. Like you wouldn't use it or 
>encourage people not to use it in a distribution?  
Not to use it in a freedesktop project. That is what the whole thread is
>As for me providing 'a reference implementation' (to use your own 
>words), are you implying that you would write your own implementation in 
>C++ instead of using an implementation based on g-lib?  
Is that not why dbus is being developed? What do you think the linux distros
are going to 
do? You must be very naive to think that RedHat would ship something that is

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