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Am Mittwoch, 23. Juli 2003 17:07 schrieb Navindra Umanee:


> You could export a C interface for those programmers, although no-one
> has proposed doing that...  Meaning that yes, you can have a C++
> implementation of a library that is suitable for C programmers.

Roberto Alsina once made rather complete C bindings for Qt.

So yes, it can be done,  it even looks not ugly and the bindings are also 

Unfortunately (for Robertos efforts) everyone finally chose to go the full 
OO/C++ way instead of keep using Qt/C.


Today C bindings are generated automatically for KDE3/Qt3


"Richard Dale recently pleasantly surprised me (and probably others) by 
announcing that he has committed C bindings for the KDE3/Qt3 libraries to 
KDE's CVS. Richard generated the C bindings automatically using a hacked 
kdoc, with relatively little manual intervention. According to him, "The 
bindings wrap about 800 classes [and] 13,000 methods, with 200k [lines of 
code] of C/C++ generated." The same hacked kdoc can also generate Objective C 
and Java bindings"

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