Proposal: System Tools Backends (From gnome-system-tools)

Carlos Garnacho carlosg at
Fri Dec 10 16:10:33 EET 2004

On Fri, 2004-12-10 at 21:11 +0800, James Su wrote:
> Hi,
>   IMO, the current functions supported by system-tools-backends are far 
> from enough for daily usage. And I don't know if the API is strong 

Think on the backends as a really good start. The backends are based on
a good concept, and as a proof they already support quite usual tasks in
a pretty common way across the wider number of distros/OS than any other
configuration tools can offer.

With the time new features will be added, but I don't think that this
should stop the backends from being in fdo, as they are *already* a
thing that's used in apps from several desktops

> enough to support many other kind of tasks, such as configurations of 
> X11, network services, hardware setup (IrDA, bluetooth, printer, 
> scanner, TV card, sound card etc.), partition, power management, 
> firewall, etc.? Besides these, does system-tools-backend support remote 
> administration protocol, such as CIM etc.?

The backends are independent of the communication layer, you can
communicate with them through a pipe, ssh, command line, or even put a
layer on top of the backends that implements any protocol.


> Regards
> James Su
> Carlos Garnacho wrote:
> >Hi all,
> >
> >I'd like to propose the system-tools-backends for freedesktop, it's a
> >set of scripts that:
> >
> >- Parse the system configuration, returning an XML file representing the
> >configuration, this XML is common to all distros
> >- Modify the system configuration accepting an XML file in the same
> >format
> >
> >At the moment the backends support a quite wide number of distributions
> >(RedHat/Fedora, Debian, Mandrake, Slackware, Gentoo, FreeBSD, ...) and
> >are already being used by KDE or GNOME applications (KNetworkConf and
> >gnome-system-tools)
> >
> >The currently supported configuration tasks are:
> >
> >- Users/Groups management
> >- Services that start at boot time management
> >- Bootloaders configuration
> >- Time/Date management
> >- Network configuration
> >- Shared files through SMB/NFS management
> >
> >So I think that FreeDesktop is the correct holder for this project, what
> >do you think? :)
> >
> >	Carlos
> >
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