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Now finally the mail which i really wanted to sent -- sorry, pine 
overstrained me.

On Mon, 20 Dec 2004, Rahul Sundaram wrote:
> --- Timo Stuelten <t.stuelten at> wrote:
> > > Yesterday I was going to write some Java code
> > which examined aspects of 
> > > .desktop files.  I looked for the
> > Maybe you are interested in the code i wrote?
> it might be a better idea to request to host this in
> fd.o itself and getter better exposure rather everyone
> reinventing the wheel. do consider it
fd.o targets free desktops, java targets some more. The mentioned 
code contains some very windows specific stuff -- I think fd.o should host 
fd.o projects/specs, not this fancy generic hippo.

But a stronger reason is the project "JDesktop Integration 
Components" ( which heavily uses fd.o specs via 
gnome libs (at least for Linux and Solaris) to resolve mimetypes and 
possible actions and does other things like systray integration. It tries 
to get into the JDK, so there will be no need for just another project. 
May be it is worth a link in the wiki?

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