Desktop Icon Theme Unification

Daniel Taylor DanTaylor at
Fri May 14 12:17:42 EEST 2004

I'm one of the developers workong on the svg-icons project. As a subset
of that project, we have the svg-utils package which lets users easily
manipulate svg files, and theme-utils, which includes a utility to
convert theme icons for use in different desktop environments or
The initial plan is to be able to take themes and convert them between
the different desktops or programs, but we also want to help develop a
specific naming standard that all such environments or programs could
use, similar to the icon theme spec already hosted here, just more
Chromakode and I have been working on themeconvert and it is now
functional enough to show what I'm talking about in action. It uses a
simple XML 'database' of directory or icon names and translations that
are used to convert the themes. Right now only a subset of the GNOME and
KDE themes can be translated, but it shows that the xml database and
themeconvert code is working properly. It is also possible to convert
these themes to the 'standard' (it isn't the standard yet, just an
example of what the standard names could be).

You can find the themeconvert utilities under
svg-icons/utils/theme-utils in CVS, or view them in your browser here:

I'd like to ask for a seperate mailing list so that the developers of
the project and desktop/theme authors can easily communicate so that we
can really get this project rolling. Is this possible?

Daniel G. Taylor

Jabber ID: dan at

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