Help Me!!!

srinivasa bp nanuseena at
Sun Dec 4 20:34:26 EET 2005

Hi All,

I am a newbie !!! I am using linux from past 3 to 4
years and liked a lot. Now i have good knowledge over
Qt and Gtk+ as well. Now i am feeling like developing
my own Desktop Environment. SO can any one tell me how
to start!!!!

I have already coded the panel and the desktop
background changer!!! but i dont know how to start
them as one panel is always there in Linux or windows
.. I know i can hide them !!! what i am thinkin is 

I want my desktop's name to appear in the colum where
we select the session " KDE GNOME XFCE failsafe
terminal" can anyone tell me what changes i need to do

Please please please help me


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