Robert Wittams robert at
Mon Jan 24 03:03:41 EET 2005

Here is something a lot more promising for consistent look and feel than 
  either theme system bridges or attempts at theme duplication:

It works by defining a drawing interface for themes, and implementing it 
in terms of the host toolkits drawing primitives. Then the host toolkits 
theme interface is implemented, passing on drawing tasks to the current 
metatheme theme ( a dlopened library). Currently implemented are gtk2, 
qt3 and java swing.

There are plans to allow the use of cairo for drawing rather than the 
current restricted api, with pass-through for toolkits that can use 
cairo directly (rather than having to copy an image). ie, anything on 
X11 or GL. This will hopefully mean hardware accelerated consistent 
themes, and the ability to use cairo targeted libraries (eg xsvg) to 
implement themes.

Well, this project certainly seems in the spirit of, so 
I thought I'd mention it.

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