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Sean Middleditch elanthis at
Thu Mar 3 19:46:31 EET 2005

I setup a wiki page for dvfs on FreeDesktop, and now have enough content
on it to be worth posting.  Thanks to Chas Honton for filling out all
the list archive links and adding the project notes.

There are some areas of the page that do need more fleshing out, I know.
It's currently based on my original proposal with modifications based on
list discussions so far, including threading of the daemon, POSIX layer
possibility/compatibility, push/pull (sync) API, etc.

I want to make this clear right now though - implementation details of
the daemon, while important, are not the prime concern right now.  What
I'm mostly interested is in the actual model of the VFS and client-app
API.  The daemon itself should be entirely an implementation detail that
has zero effect on either of those issues.

Things like authentication handling are part of this, though, since that
will affect the client API.

I'm going to pull my original API proposal plus modifications into a
header file and add some more to it and post it when I get a chance so
that there's something to look at and comment directly on.

Comments on the wiki page itself are also OK - don't delete any existing
content though, just add comments with your name.  I'll periodically
update the page to aggregate suggested improvements.

btw, if someone would point this out to the kioslaves developers (I'm
posting to gnome-vfs-list), that would be appreciated.  I'm not sure
where to contact them at, not being a KDE guy myself.
Sean Middleditch <elanthis at>

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