Changing Displays in Twinview

J. Erik Heinz jheinz at
Thu Mar 10 23:40:32 EET 2005

On Thu, Mar 03, 2005 at 04:47:01PM +0100, J. Erik Heinz wrote:
> I am not sure if i am in the right Mailing list, but I hope someone
> can help me. I've got a dualhead graphiccard with two monitors. Each
> Monitor has it's own Desktop (Twinview = Off), so you can have
> multiple Desktops on each monitor. To work on a Desktop I have to move
> the mouse to the specific Monitor (and so the Desktop). 
> Now I want to do this as well with a Keyboard-shortcut. So I have to
> write a script (which will be related to a shortcut and) which set the 
> focus on the specific Monitor. 
> I figured out that each Monitor has his own $DISPLAY: :0.0 and :0.1,
> but I don't know how I can change the focus within a script. 
> Anybody an idea or hint?
Seems to be the wrong mailinglist - has somebody an idea in which
mailing list i could ask for this problem ?

Regards Erik
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