Some Icon Theme Spec fixes

Rodney Dawes dobey at
Tue Mar 22 22:42:24 EET 2005

This patch provides a few fixes to the text in the Icon Theme spec, as
well as a few enhancements.

The main enhancement here is specifying the standard themes directory,
that we already use for GTK+ and Metacity themes, as primary places to
look for icons, while deprecating the other "icons" directories. This
allows artists to easily group their themes all in the same tarballs.
I also have a patch to GTK+, and one to the Gnome Control Center to
make this work for Gnome. If I knew the QT/KDE code, I would have made
patches for those as well.

Another change is to reference "x-directory-normal" instead of
"mime_source_c" in the example to show the corelation between the
icon.{png,svg} and icon.icon files, in preparation for the upcoming
standard icon naming spec draft and proposal.

Can we get these changes in to the spec? Thanks.

-- dobey

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