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On Mon, 07 Nov 2005 18:37:23 +0100 Hongli Lai <hongli at> babbled:

> seventh guardian wrote:
> > This I don't agree with. Any attempt to make the "look and feel"
> > uniform across DM's is an attempt to create yet another Windows. I
> > agree with standards like a Mime System or a common configuration
> > directory, but the "look'n'feel" is something that shouldn't be
> > standardized. That's what makes some DM diferent from another. If you
> > take that away from us there's no point on existing multiple DM's. Kde
> > could readilly merge with Gnome being that so.
> > 
> > And when someone talks about an uniform icon theme, that goes against
> > the individual freedom. That's not linux. That is windows. If you want
> > to create another windows, I'm off from
> But normal users do not care about multiple desktops. They don't care 
> that there is a GNOME, KDE, XFCE, IceWM, Blackbox, WhateverWM, they just 
> want to use their apps and get work done. A unified look & feel improves 
> usability. If you don't want the two desktops to look the same, nobody's 
> preventing you to install different icon themes. Normal users on the 
> user hand don't even care that there are other icon themes.

then why should there be more than 1 wm or 1 de. everyone use kde and be done
with it - then its all uniform!. why should a use have to know about a choice
of software  - i mean this is too complex for the poor user to think about a
different piece of software. we should ban all pieces of software that have
competing and/or intersecting feature lists so we dont confuse the users. i
mean god forbit that they might have to maybe make a chocie what music player
to use or what web browser. everyone should join this standard committee in an
attempt to reduce diversity and freedom of induvidual expression. the only time
different software may ever be tolerated is if it looks identical to its
competition haveing no differentiation at all.

> For years, people have complained about GNOME and KDE apps looking 
> different. When RedHat came with Bluecurve, people flamed for a month 
> and then everybody went back to complaining how GNOME and KDE look 
> different.

and a windows 95 app under xp looks different to - as do half the ms apps look
different to eachother. god forbit. web pages look different. i propose we
start a project to encourage all web page authors to have identical layout,
identical style, identical graphics and look and feel. users can choose their
own personal CSS style.

get real man. listen to what you guys are saying. i'm firmly in the "freedom of
expression for each and every developer out there" camp and yet still have some
level of commonality at the code level in terms of sourcing data so you dont
have to write 1 data sourcing code lump for kde, 1 for gnome (then update these
for every time kde/gnome change) then one for debian's menu system, 1 for some
other menu system, one for yet another etc. etc. etc. etc.

this list is about standards at the core of software to save explosion of code
to deal with every system out there - not trying to force software into falling
in line with some committee's ideas in terms of look, feel, operation,
configuration options and everything else.

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