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Daniel Stone daniel at
Mon Nov 7 09:40:03 PST 2005

On Mon, Nov 07, 2005 at 05:26:56PM +0000, seventh guardian wrote:
> > The tango project is a worthwile effort to bring  UI consistency
> > to UNIX desktops. The look and feel is an important  aspect of
> > desktop interoperability, and also includes icon themes. So
> > any efforts towards icon theme unification have a positive impact
> > on the desktop projects as a whole.
> This I don't agree with. Any attempt to make the "look and feel"
> uniform across DM's is an attempt to create yet another Windows. I
> agree with standards like a Mime System or a common configuration
> directory, but the "look'n'feel" is something that shouldn't be
> standardized. That's what makes some DM diferent from another. If you
> take that away from us there's no point on existing multiple DM's. Kde
> could readilly merge with Gnome being that so.
> And when someone talks about an uniform icon theme, that goes against
> the individual freedom. That's not linux. That is windows. If you want
> to create another windows, I'm off from

If you want to argue about Tango, please do it on a more appropriate
list.  Tango has its own lists.

If you want to rant about general fd.o project stuff, suggest using
freedesktop at
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