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Martin Konold martin.konold at
Mon Nov 7 12:22:47 PST 2005

Am Montag, 7. November 2005 08:45 schrieb Christian Neumair:

> So
> any efforts towards icon theme unification have a positive impact on the
> desktop projects as a whole. 

No, unification of the look&feel is the wrong answer to interoperability.

> icon style, I think it can still be improved in later iterations. Why
> don't you join the Tango ML and make proposals?

> I sometimes feel like many Fanboys

Are you aware of the fact that you are insulting people?

Trying to ridicule others does not really help for cooperation.

-- martin

Erlewein, Frank, Konold & Partner - Beratende Ingenieure und Physiker

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