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Pat Suwalski pat at
Mon Nov 7 13:16:49 PST 2005

Martin Konold wrote:
>>any efforts towards icon theme unification have a positive impact on the
>>desktop projects as a whole. 
> No, unification of the look&feel is the wrong answer to interoperability.

But, is it completely wrong? When I first tried RedHat with Bluecurve
(RedHat8, wasn't it?), I liked the way KDE apps, and GTK2 apps, and GTK1
had a unified theme. They still looked a little different, and
definitely behaved different, but they all fit together.

Now, if that was taken a little further, so that the "Open" icon in the
file menu happened to be the same one in both Kate and Gedit, it
wouldn't be too bad at all.

Sure, this is the distros' work. But if they can have a mechanism in
place (via the naming spec) so that there aren't three copies of every
icon, and a sample implementation (like Tango) from which to get ideas,
is it really not a positive thing freedesktop, and specifically, xdg?

I get the feeling that people are on board to support the naming spec.
Is it bad to have an implementation out there? Surely no one is
suggesting that a mailing list for artists interested in learning the
spec and possibly creating nice themes independently is a bad thing?
Would it make a difference if it were called
freedesktop-icon-naming-spec-artists at fd.o?


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