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Jakub Steiner jimmac at
Tue Nov 8 06:26:30 PST 2005

Reading this thread makes me wonder why a lot of people have the weird
tinfoil-hat view of Tango as a project to assimilate all themes.

I'll try to communicate the goals of the Tango project to avoid further

      * If you are a strong believer in icons as a mean of branding your
        product, Tango is not for you. Identity means being
        distinctively different from the rest. Tango doesn't aim to be
      * If you are an ISV and wonder what sort of style you should apply
        for your icon artwork so that it doesn't look out of place under
        major unix desktop environments but also other platforms such as
        Windows or Mac OS X, take a look at Tango. If you feel the Tango
        style guidelines fail in this, please join the project and help
        us fix the issues.
      * The core of the Tango project are the style guidelines and the
        naming scheme. As with any spec, the only way to really figure
        out if the style goals are reachable, is by sample
      * Tango doesn't prevent neither users nor distributions to
        customize the look. The naming spec actually helps to achieve
        this on a global scale.

The reason we wanted the tango project specifications and
tools/implementation to be hosted on freedesktop is because it tries to
reach out of a single desktop environment. Users are interested in
applications and they are running apps coming from various projects. 


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