Every window manager creates a window over the root window?

Carlos Eduardo R. Diógenes cerdiogenes at yahoo.com.br
Tue Nov 29 17:31:02 PST 2005


I read some time that some window managers creates a
window over the root window and make all the
operations over this created window.

What I want to know is if this operation is a
standard? If it's not, I would suggested that it
became. I really have no idea if it's very difficult,
but it is a important thing for visually impared
people, because if a magnifier is running in split
screen mode a lot of space is lost. So, if all window
managers first create an window, we can adopt a
standard to achieve the ID of this window and have
methods to roll it from under the magnifier when the 
pointer goes near the magnifier and the roll it back
when the pointer go far. This way we don't lost
desktop space and the user can have a better spacial



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