An addition to the clipboard specification

Toni Ruottu toni.ruottu at
Fri Apr 14 23:13:16 EEST 2006

  Hi, and thanks for your response.

> I strongly oppose to #4. If you require that functionality,
> it's fairly simple to run a PRIMARY-CLIPBOARD synchroniser program.

You got it wrong. It was not about synchronizing! Synchronizing would be
a _very_ bad thing to do. The described way was a _one way_ operation
CLIPBOARD -> PRIMARY. If you take some time to think how this affects
different use cases it doesn't seem to block any important use cases,
while it helps a lot in some cases. Not least importantly usage of "copy
url" in Firefox web browser.

> This effectly makes PRIMARY a mouse-only entity

It is not a mouse-only entity! PRIMARY is an implicit user selection
entity. #4 makes it work implicitly also in explicit copy/paste use
cases, which helps user and makes the feature even more implicit.

> and CLIPBOARD a keyboard-only entity (not considering clicking on cut/copy/paste menus).

CLIPBOARD again is an explicit-only entity, which can be triggered also
by clicking copy/paste buttons with _mouse_.

> This is, of course, my strongly biased opinion, based on how I currently 
> use it.

The description in bug report is the historical way. You may still tell
us why your way is better and why the old way would block it. Usability
reasons are more important than legacy reasons. How ever usability
reasons are also more important than custom usage habbits or idealistic

  --Toni Ruottu

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