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Carlos Eduardo Rodrigues Diógenes cerdiogenes at
Wed Dec 6 01:27:05 EET 2006

On Tue, 2006-12-05 at 12:47 -0600, Travis Watkins wrote:
> On 12/5/06, Carlos Eduardo Rodrigues Diógenes <cerdiogenes at> wrote:
> > This way if the CWM doesn't support the plugin architecture implemented
> > by gnome-mag it ask to it become only a WM and gnome-mag start to be the
> > CM.
> Why couldn't the CWM just implement the gnome-mag API? I know there
> are plans for beryl to do just that.

I don't say that the CWM couldn't implement the gnome-mag API. Doing
this make the magnifier inflexible and less portable. If the user would
like to experiment with others window managers he will not be able to
use a magnifier if the window manager is also a CWM.

This way, I think that we have two option:

1. We can define a plugin architecture. Maybe the best way to do this is
implement the gnome-mag API in beryl or compiz, because they already
have plugin support, and leave to the time say if this was a good

2. Have a way to change between the window manager and the magnifier to
be a composite manager.

This said, if we choose the option 1 we have to make the magnifier as
detachable as possible from the window manager, to make easy to plug it
in other CWM, but this will have a great impact in accessibility if a
standard take so much time to arise, since in a near future, probably,
every window manager will have composite manager built-in, so the
magnifier will not run in some environments.

If we have option 2 availabe the magnifier will be able to run
everywhere, but probably with some loose of functionality, since
composite management give us a great power to control what the user see,
and new HCI (Human Computer Interaction) will evolve and could benefit
visually impaired people too.

I don't care if beryl will have a great magnifier, I care if this
magnifier will be able to run in other environments and even though
other operating systems!

I really appreciate to know if now you see a problem.

Best regards,
Carlos Eduardo Rodrigues Diógenes <cerdiogenes at>

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