Multiple DeskTops, HiColor theme, standardized icon names, & menu icons

James Richard Tyrer tyrerj at
Sat Jun 10 02:14:18 EEST 2006

Steve Frécinaux wrote:
> James Richard Tyrer wrote:
>> But, I have to wonder, is this icon name going to be used by
>> multiple DeskTops?  Won't all DeskTops with a menu have a Menu
>> Editor app?  Will the same be true for Control Center and Theme
>> Manager?
> If they are well behaved,

Ah yes, if only everything was well behaved. :-)

> then they'll be named xfce-control-center, kde-control-center and
> gnome-control-center. For the menu editor, they'll do the same, or
> use a standardized menu-editor icon (since the menu spec is shared
> across the desktop, both apps would have exactly the same purpose it
> makes sense they use the same icon, like text editors do). 

But I guess that the point is that if we treat the HiColor app icons the
same as the other categories of HiColor icons that we won't have any
problem is something isn't well behaved.


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