well-known user folders, a proposal

Octavio Alvarez alvarezp at alvarezp.ods.org
Thu Feb 22 10:01:19 PST 2007

On Thu, 22 Feb 2007 09:51:54 -0800, Alexander Larsson <alexl at redhat.com>  

>> I'd prefer to remove the config file to remove functionality. This
>> would make it easier for scripts to detect with [ -f ]. If config
>> file exist specific directories could be disabled by commenting them
>> out (not specifying them).
> I'm not sure what you mean. The config file is read by the program run
> on login that creates/updates directories. Nothing else should really
> read it. Why would they want to do that anyway? For instance, the users
> ~/.config/user-dirs.dirs file might be totally manually written and not
> generated from the config at all.

Right, the [ -f ] should never be neeeded, but if root needs to do some
manteinance on a home dir by any chance, this make it easier.

I am thinking that the default user config file should read the /etc  
version to
take the defaults if the user hasn't decided to tweak them. The file could  
easily provided by /etc/skel. Functionality would be as simple as removing
the config file. (Read: opt-in approach, with everybody opted-in by  


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