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Wed Apr 2 06:55:19 PDT 2008

On Wednesday 02 April 2008, Lubos Lunak wrote:
> On Tuesday 01 of April 2008, A. Walton wrote:
> > What really needs to happen, IMO, is an expansion of this existing
> > standard and code to allow it to be flexible enough to be used with
>  Just having something listed from fd.o does not make it a standard, sorry.
> The Galago spec is used only by its own libnotification, nothing else. KDE
> does not use it - it's a wheel reinvented to be quite different in
> principle from KDE's KNotify and also from what I remember the Galago

which is fine. we have code in svn that shows that we can quite easily map the 
subset of knotify (the daemon process) functionality that is visualization of 
passive popups to a such a d-bus interface without relying on it in the least 
(it falls back to KPassivePopups as always if the d-bus interface is not 

the d-bus service itself gets implemented in a Plasma::DataEngine, and no kde 
apps see the d-bus service in the least.

we wanted a way to push passive popup notifications to visualizations anyways, 
using the galago spec for this gives us the bonus of being able to play host 
to gtk+/gnome apps nicely as well.

on the knotify side, it means that kde apps running in gnome can also 
transparently integrate into libnotify provided visualization UIs.

so ... minimal (e.g. zero) disturbance to both desktops, increased 
interoperability. it's a win-win imho. the galago spec needs a lot of work, 
as one can see in my last email, but i don't feel a change in scope is 
necessary: the GNOME people are happy with it, KDE can use it without 
compromising our level of functionality in the least and it nicely fits in an 
existing visualization niche we need to fill in plasma anyways..

i do hope that the galago project members are willing and able to work on 
polishing the interface with other possible consumers of it to bring it to 
the point where it truly deserves its designation in the org.freedesktop 

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