desktop neutral xsettings manager?

洪任諭 at
Wed Apr 23 08:31:35 PDT 2008

2008/4/23 Rodney Dawes <dobey.pwns at>:
>  On Wed, 2008-04-23 at 22:49 +0800, 洪任諭 wrote:
>  > No, lxsession and lxsession-lite don't do that.
>  > lxde-settings, however, map a simple config file with ini format to
>  > xsettings for LXDE.
>  >
>  > Besides, xsettings is NOT practically desktop-neutral.
>  > Currently only GTK+ programs use it.
>  Not true.
>  > No other toolkits or desktop environments support this.
>  I am pretty sure that Xt and Qt/KDE both support it.
That's according to document of the spec on FD.O.
IIRC, the so-called KDE support is a patch provided for mandriva which
is not widely-adopted.
Some names of config values are even prefixed with Gtk, so I don't
think other toolkits can
handle this natively without patches.
XFCE has a xsettings manager, too, but it can only affects the
xfce/gtk+ programs.
>  > Also, the config values supported by gtk+'s xsettings can be set in gtkrc file.
>  Yes, because GTK+ != GNOME.
>  > So, for a gtk+ only desktop, there might be no point in using Xsettings.
>  Sure there is. The reason gnome-settings-daemon exists is exactly
>  because of this. Not every GTK+ app reads values directly from gconf.
Believe me, those values can be properly set in gtkrc as well.
>  However, with GNOME, many settings are stored there, and non-GNOME
Those so-called non-gnome apps are almost all gtk+ apps and not the KDE ones.
>  apps need to use them as well. So, gnome-settings-daemon specifies
>  the font information, and other settings, via Xsettings. This is why
>  in GNOME, the font in GIMP, Inkscape, and other apps, is the same
>  across the board.
If you set a gtkrc file properly, this can be achived, too.
Programs for other desktops don't obey that settings in
gnome-settings-daemon at all.
>  > This is the current status of that gtk+ only spec.
>  XSettings is not a gtk+ only spec. GTK+ might be the only toolkit
>  that makes extensive use, and extends it for its own settings as
>  well, though.
>  > So, we cannot expect too much now.
>  Sure we can. The only issue is that we need a cross-desktop
>  configuration solution also. Otherwise, you're going to need to
>  have the cross-desktop xsettings daemon read config values from
>  various places, and magically try to merge them into one value.
Personally I think we need a cross-desktop config system, too.

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