Elektra 0.7.0rc2

Daniel Bo daengbo at gmail.com
Tue Mar 25 20:28:41 PDT 2008


Do you have any comparisons of the advantage of using this instead of
> EET[1,2]? Enlightenment is using EET for a long time now and things
> just work, it's easy to use and performs well, does not depend on
> external libraries.
> [1] http://wiki.enlightenment.org/index.php/Eet
> [2] http://www.enlightenment.org/viewvc/e17/libs/eet/

I don't really know either project, but looking at the pages suggests that
Elektra doesn't seek to do away with plain-text configuration files, but
rather have a library which parses those files and presents the
configuration information in a hierachical manner, much the way /proc does
for the inner workings of the kernel.

I think it's admirable, but not likely to work because of the enormous
number of configuration files that need to be worked with.

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