Removing OnlyShowIn / NotShowIn from desktop actions

Matthias Klumpp matthias at
Wed Jul 3 05:47:23 PDT 2013

I fully support Aarons suggestion for the same reasons.

2013/7/3 Ted Gould <ted at>:
> [...]
> Simple use case: Depending on location in the UI you might want to have the
> user visible string in sentence case vs. title case.
> I do believe that the vast majority of desktop actions shouldn't use this,
> because the vast majority of application developers aren't tailoring their
> UI for a particular desktop.  But, we shouldn't take away the tools allowing
> them to be more precise if they want to take on that maintenance burden.
In this case, we should allow adding more options, e.g. adding a title
string and a sentence string, which the Shell can the pick, if it is
appropriate. This is much better than an "only-show-in", which can
cause a lot of trouble, and is also not very flexible.
By going that way, developers don't even have to know the other
desktop shells, they just provide enough metadata to make their
application look good in every DE.
In practice, I doubt that we will ever need these extensions ;-)

So, +1 for removing the only-show-in part from me - I think it is
confusing and will only cause trouble in the long run.

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