Additional devices in icon-naming-spec

Jerome Leclanche adys.wh at
Mon Apr 14 03:49:29 PDT 2014

Hi list

I'm in need of some extra devices which are not currently specified in
the icon-naming-spec. Namely:

tablet: A portable large-screen device with touch capabilities (eg
ipad; NOT an input device, different from input-tablet)
laptop: A "computer" device recognized as a laptop.
ebook-reader: A portable large-screen device meant primarily for
reading (eg. kindle)
gps: A GPS device
fax-machine: Yes, I'm seriously requesting that. :)
router: We have "modem", makes sense to add "router" as well (I'm not
overly attached to it, can do without)
headphones: A headphone device
headset: A headphone device *with* microphone (not overly attached either)

NOTE: Maybe we should move (some of?) these to "device-"? I think it's
fine as it is but "router" and "tablet" are pretty generic names.

media-sdcard: A SD card. I'd like to split this from media-flash as
it's not currently possible to differenciate between "generic USB
stick" and "generic SD card".

input-fingerprint-reader: A fingerprint reader device.

I can and will be using my own icon for all these for the time being,
however I figure we stand to gain by adding these to the
icon-naming-spec. If I can get some positive reactions for at least
some of these, I'll file a bug and send a patch.

J. Leclanche

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