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Côme BERNIGAUD come.bernigaud at
Mon Apr 14 04:47:53 PDT 2014

Yes, please step forward and update this spec which has not been updated 
since 2006 and lacks a lot of stuff.
I had great troubles with icons not having consistent names across 
themes (just look at Tango and Oxygen, both does not use the same 
conventions for things which are not defined in icon-naming-spec).

I think you don’t need the device- prefix as these icons will be in the 
devices category.

You may wanna use the fallback system and rename headset to 
headphone-headset, falling back to headphone if this one is not there.
 From icon-naming-spec: «The specific media type icons should be named 
in the form, <primary function>-<specific format>. Some examples are 
“media-optical”, “media-optical-bd” and “media-optical-dvd”.», so I 
guess it’s a good thing to reuse this dash generic prefix system.
This is also why you should avoid using dashes in "ebook-reader" and 
"fax-machine", unless you expect more generic ones called fax and ebook.
Maybe some devices should have a common prefix, I’m thinking for 
instance of modem and router. Fax may also be printer-fax, not sure. 
Should tablet be pda-tablet or phone-tablet? multimedia-tablet? 
computer-tablet might be the more accurate.
headphone and headset should definitely have an audio- prefix.
laptop should be computer-laptop.

Looking forward to reading your patch.


On 2014-04-14 12:49, Jerome Leclanche wrote:
> Hi list
> I'm in need of some extra devices which are not currently specified in
> the icon-naming-spec. Namely:
> devices:
> tablet: A portable large-screen device with touch capabilities (eg
> ipad; NOT an input device, different from input-tablet)
> laptop: A "computer" device recognized as a laptop.
> ebook-reader: A portable large-screen device meant primarily for
> reading (eg. kindle)
> gps: A GPS device
> fax-machine: Yes, I'm seriously requesting that. :)
> router: We have "modem", makes sense to add "router" as well (I'm not
> overly attached to it, can do without)
> headphones: A headphone device
> headset: A headphone device *with* microphone (not overly attached either)
> NOTE: Maybe we should move (some of?) these to "device-"? I think it's
> fine as it is but "router" and "tablet" are pretty generic names.
> media:
> media-sdcard: A SD card. I'd like to split this from media-flash as
> it's not currently possible to differenciate between "generic USB
> stick" and "generic SD card".
> input:
> input-fingerprint-reader: A fingerprint reader device.
> I can and will be using my own icon for all these for the time being,
> however I figure we stand to gain by adding these to the
> icon-naming-spec. If I can get some positive reactions for at least
> some of these, I'll file a bug and send a patch.
> J. Leclanche
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