[Question] [Icon Naming Specification] Icon for generic mail reader/manager for usage on desktops and other apps?

Pablo Roberto Lezaeta Reyes prflr88 at gmail.com
Sun Aug 27 04:06:40 UTC 2017

Good day.

I'm Pablo Lezaeta and I have a question related to the correct icon to
be used in case of genericity.

I was tracking Xfce desktop and noticed they change the generic name
for mail reader from the default app menu from "internet-mail" to
"emblem-mail" [0] because the former was not compliant with the
specification, yet I point the new icon was also not compliant use of
an emblem icon type.
They point that there was not a "generic mail" or something to use in
these cases yet I point that Budgie desktop use "generic-mail" but from
certain point that they say was also non compliant [1] since generic
type was not defined on the now version 0.8.90 of the specification
[2]... so

The question is what the proper name in case of needing a generic mail
(or other app) icon?

[1] https://mail.xfce.org/pipermail/xfce4-dev/2017-August/031992.html

*Pablo Lezaeta*
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