[Xesam] [nepomuk-kde] An open-source project for desktop ontology maintenance

Sebastian Trüg strueg at mandriva.com
Sun May 10 23:17:13 PDT 2009

On Sunday 10 May 2009 21:37:33 Mikkel Kamstrup Erlandsen wrote:
> 2009/5/8 Sebastian Trüg <strueg at mandriva.com>:
> > I understand your concerns with Oscaf. As for the paying members: this is
> > only intended for industry players. KDE for example is a non-paying
> > member.
> How doe one become a non-paying member? I just checked out the
> application form and I was not sure if that was the right way... Of
> course the first question is really whether it makes sense if we form
> a real organization for Xesam and sign that one up. I have not given
> this a lot of thought yet, but any comments would be welcome.

AFAICS signing up Xesam is as simple as me writing an email to DERI. That 
should be sufficient.

> > Apart from that Oscaf is not very active yet and in the near future you
> > can expect us (the Xesam and Nepomuk-KDE community) to be the most
> > active. Players like Nokia will also mostly (if not entirely) contribute
> > though open-source channels (again: Xesam, probably Evgeny and Philip).
> > The same is true for Mandriva.
> > AFAICT we simply are the most important users of the ontologies to date.
> > So it makes sense to get in there and make the Xesam/Nepomuk-KDE voice
> > heard.
> >
> > Still, this does not solve the technical aspects since Oscaf has no bug
> > tracking or code hosting system (apart from the sf project Leo created).
> And mailing lists? I could not find any public mailing lists on the
> oscaf.org site or the SF project page...

As I said: this thread is intended for these things, to figure out if we 
should create these lists and so on. I can do that anytime, but will only do 
it if we agree on using them. :)

> > So the Oscaf question is not really worth discussing. We should be in
> > there, we are in there. The question is where do we (and this already
> > means Xesam and the rest of the Oscaf members) host the code and the
> > bugs. Where do we discuss. And like that I am back to a platform other
> > than Xesam or Nepomuk. But I will not follow that road again. :P
> > Thus, in conclusion: don't be afraid of Oscaf, we have the opportunity to
> > shape it, to make it act the way we need. Because the buzzwords on the
> > oscaf page AFAIK are all there is.
> Ok, so what we need to do now is just getting to it! :-) I really
> don't care how or where those lists are hosted, only that we get stuff
> done to make the FOSS desktop the coolest platform to do
> searching/semantic stuff on.

Amen to that.


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