Minimizing 6.8.1 (not KDrive) to meet specs

Guido Schimmels __guido__ at
Thu Sep 23 11:58:43 PDT 2004

Am 22.09.2004 22:13:37 schrieb(en) Sergei Mutovkin:

> Currently I get ~83Mb /usr/X11R6 folder and empty X (with TWM) is
> close to 40Mb of RAM, according to 'top'. I would really, really want
> to cut those 40Mb as much as possible and also improve current ~5+sec
> start time for X...

I'll give you an idea what's possible:
X11 shared libs: 4M (freetype/fontconfig included, but sans Mesa/ 
X extensions: 6M with all unneeded drivers removed
/etc/X11: 4M
/usr/X11R6/bin: 3M

I'd hesitate to compile the xserver with -Os (I suggest -O2 NOT -O3!),
but optimizing the utilities for size is probably the right idea.

Get rid of all the fonts and install only those you really need.
Get rid of the manpages.
If you only need support latin-1 locales, you can shave off ca. another  

What do those 40M refer to exactly? The X-Server? For me that is 19M  
RSS with the Gtk2 based ROX desktop and a couple apps open.

Can't help you with startup time and memory footprint. Make sure you  
don't load extensions you don't use, like legacy font engines (e.g.  
Speedo). Wait a moment. A minimal set of fonts installed might help  
with startup time also, but I don't know if it is significant.

If you need more details, you may mail me privately.

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