Zobolyak Peter peter at bark.hu
Tue Aug 2 23:46:43 PDT 2005

> > Hi,
> > 
> > I'm using damage extension in my app which works well in 
> high and true 
> > color modes. My problem is that I can't get notification 
> when palette 
> > change occours in 8 bit mode.
> > Does damage ext send some notification anyway? Is it 
> responsible for 
> > such notification?
> I hadn't considered this case as 8-bit paletted mode is 
> almost unheard of these days.  Palette changes aren't really 

That's true, but I have to be able to handle all possible cases.

> damage to the screen; the pixel values on the screen aren't affected.

It is also true, nothing is changed in buffers or video memory, but from the
user's aspect, there are  lots of "damage" on the screen. Well, it's a
theoretic question which I can't answer, I need only a solution :)

> > (Since my app watches for changes on the whole display, it is not 
> > enough to get ColormapNotify event for a specific window, 
> so I can't 
> > use this method in that way)
> But, some global notification of when the hardware palette is 
> changed might be a reasonable addition to either XFixes or Damage.

It would be nice. Can you advice a workaround until it gets implemented?
Unfortunatelly I need a solution, which could maybe replaced later when
changes appears in distibutions.


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