modular build issues (savage and xkb)

Felix Kühling fxkuehl at
Tue Sep 13 08:56:22 PDT 2005

Am Dienstag, den 13.09.2005, 15:01 +0300 schrieb Georgi Hristov:
> hi,
> > Your previous Xorg version did not have DRI-support for Savage. But your
> > log indicates that you don't have DRI enabled, so this can't be the
> > problem. I can't find any hint in your log as to why Xvideo isn't
> > working. What do "xdpyinfo" and "xvinfo" say?
> >   
> xvinfo says "no adaptors found", and i've attached the output of
> xdyinfo.

xdpyinfo says that the XVideo extension is available. But it appears the
Savage driver is not using it for some reason.

> The problem however seems to be in the modular build, as i've tried
> plugging a savage driver from a monolithic build from today in my
> modular build from last week, and Xvideo works just fine. So I guess
> the of the driver in the modular tree is not defining
> something or I dont know what. 

Hmm, the Xv initialization is only performed in the driver if the Macro
XvExtension is defined. However, I could not find where that macro is
ever defined, in the monolithic or the modular tree. Could anyone shed
some light on this?

> I hope I'm not the only person using savage with a modular build,
> since I'm not much into autoconf and family (or any other build system
> for that matter), but maybe I'll have to learn at least a bit to fix
> this.
> >   
> > > And to the point about VT switching - I've built cvs version from 7.Sep, 
> > > so the patch in libX11 must be there already, and yet it doesn't work 
> > > for me.
> > > Neither is the xkb switching.
> > >     
> > Try Donnie Berkholz' suggestions for these issues. He only replied to
> > the list. Are you subscribed?
> >   
> Sorry for this, yes, I'm subscribed and this message is to the list, I
> just didn't bother to reply to Donnie Berkholz in a separate message.
> Anyway, I tried what he suggested without much of a difference.

xkb stuff broke here yesterday when I tried an updated modular build. I
have no idea how xkb is supposed to work. If I can figure it out I'll
let you know.

> regards,
> georgi


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