Error of Beryl+AIGLX on i965

Keith Whitwell keith at
Thu Nov 23 01:38:27 PST 2006

Andrew J. Barr wrote:
> On Thu, 2006-11-23 at 11:05 +0800, Wang, Wei Z wrote:
>> Pick up the thread :) I have tried FC6-32bit (compiz + AIGLX) on i965,
>> seems everything works well (some of my pals got the same result on
>> FC6-64bit + i965), except the following complaints:
>> libGL warning: 3D driver claims to not support visual 0x5a compiz: No
>>  stencil buffer. Clipping of transformed windows is not going to be
>>  correct when screen is transformed. compiz: water:
>>  GL_ARB_fragment_program is missing
>> Which may impact the _water_ effect, this issue is also mentioned by
>> To my surprise, Andrew, the white screen issue doesn't appear, and "GLX
>>  version: 1.2" is reported by glxinfo. I am just wondering that if the
>>  "GLX_ext_texture_from_pixmap" issue is still there?
> I don't know. It sounds like I have my understanding of the issue wrong.
> Someone who actually knows what they're talking about should pipe up on
> the xorg list here... :-)
> I tried FC x86_64 myself on my DG965RY desktop board and it worked
> better than expected, but the windows on the screen were strangely
> corrupted--half of the window was scrambled, kind of stretched at an
> angle (it's kind of hard to describe what it looked like). This was the
> Compiz that comes with FC6.

That sounds like a bug that got fixed quite a while ago in Mesa.  Maybe 
FC6 didn't pick those changes up/was waiting for a Mesa release.


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