Intel 2.1.1 and HDTV tearing

Nicolas Will nico at
Sat Aug 18 14:32:05 PDT 2007

Michel Dänzer wrote:
> The tearing isn't directly related to (the lack of) that. There was some
> discussion about it on this list a while ago.

OK, I went into the archives.

Oops, indeed, that was discussed recently.

    Tearing is caused by writing to the video buffer at the same time it's
    being output to the display device. Hence you get the top part of one
    frame, and the bottom part of another one. It's as if you'd torn a page
    in a flipbook and peeled part of it back. The solution is
    double-buffering in the driver, or waiting for vertical blanking.

    I am afraid that you have to wait until Keith or Eric fixes this
    issue as
    Intel did not release the documentation.
    If I remember correctly, Keith
    said that tearless video will be available after DRI rework.

    Eric has made a few improvements in the textured video path
    in the last week and fixing the remaining tearing and video output
    property limitations are possible as well.

Oh well, Eric looks like a fine supplier for another pony.

even resisted a cheap nvidia card at the shop today

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