XGL, DMX and XPrint

Vladislav G. Mikhailikov Vladislav.Mikhailikov at paradox-neo.uz
Mon Feb 19 05:37:18 PST 2007

Hello, everybody,

Just wonder, whether great merging of WORKING(!) DMX, XPrint and XGL
will happen? What is the plans? If something of that dropped ( for example:
use CUPS and kill X-Print, or X-Server will do DMX and XGL job and further
development of DMX and XGL is not perspective) just let us know about it.

 For now, it is realy hard job to make all things get working. Poor packager 
have to have 4-5 different branches and not all of them could fit each other.
(API changing from time to time).

With best regards,

Vladislav "Tanuki" Mikhailikov

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