Intel 855 hanging with xrandr

manu eallaud at
Wed Jun 13 11:15:35 PDT 2007

	Hi all,
I have latest git as of today (06/13) and I have 2 output for my laptop  
(i855): the LFP and the VGA hooked up to my HDTV (1360*768).
If the hdtv is on evry xrandr command works : toogling on/off any  
output, rearranging the layout with --above etc, but as soon as I shut  
off the hdtv the next xrandr command will hang the computer (i do not  
have a way to ssh into it so i can't say how hard but at least locally  
there is no way to kill X).
Also I remarked that if I do xrandr with the dtv hooked up but shut off  
(either in standby or unplugged) the VGA says it is connected, only  
when I unplug the VGA cable does xrandr say that VGA is disconnected.
Any idea here?


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