DPI monitor issue question ?

Nicolas Mailhot nicolas.mailhot at laposte.net
Thu Sep 13 03:01:32 PDT 2007

Le Jeu 13 septembre 2007 11:50, Marius Gedminas a écrit :

> Most people are used to fonts at fixed pixel sizes (rather than
> real-world sizes).  I know I am.

Nope. Some developpers/CS people are used to think in fixed pixel size
terms and assume everyone else thinks like them.

Any office worker (the number of which dwarfs CS people) will think in
pt not px terms because that's what office suites and printers use.

And the other categories actively do not care and want things to just

> Also, many fonts are optimized for
> fixed DPI values and don't look good when rendered at a different DPI.

This is true when a screen has a dpi slightly different from 96. At
120dpi the pixel density increase is enough forcing 96dpi is actively
counter-productive on the rendering quality front.

Nicolas Mailhot

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