Intel driver: increasing the maximum Xv image size

Nicolas George at
Wed May 7 10:55:21 PDT 2008

Le nonidi 19 floréal, an CCXVI, Barry Scott a écrit :
> Are you increasing this to support 1920x1200 screens?

Yes, exactly, though I could have done it when I was still at 1600×1200.

>							If so I think this
> is not needed, doesn't XV scale from the XV buffer to the rect on the
> drawable you give it?

It does indeed, but that is the last thing that can be done to the video.

There was a short period of time where XVideo was quite unstable on my
setup, and I switched to plain X11 display of video: the tearing was awful,
but bearable. On the other hand, the rendering of text subtitles was
incredibly nicer. The reason is that with XVideo, the subtitles are rendered
at video resolution, and then scaled to screen resolution by the hardware;
with plain X11 display, the subtitles are rendered at full screen

Since then, XVideo became stable on my system, and I took the habit to
insert software scaling when I have text subtitles. Unfortunately, when the
aspect ratio is smaller than 1920/1088, it can not work with the default

By the way, I noticed that the bigrequest limit was raised in the 1.4
version of xserver: maybe the XVideo image size limit could be increased


  Nicolas George
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