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On 2012/08/08 01:41 (GMT-0700) johnfulgor composed:

> in a older version of the X server I had a InputDevice section in the
> xorg.conf file for a special input device.
> In my new system X uses auto configuration and xorg.conf.d. I've made a new
> file in the xorg.conf.d and pasted the old InputDevice section in it, but it
> seems to be ignored. The log file says does not even mention it. There is
> something about the new auto-configuration that I do non understand. Can
> someone help me?

I'm not sure whether or not support for sorg.conf.d/ is required, possibly 
being ignored according to a distro-specific configuration of some kind. I've 
seen some that have no xorg.conf.d/ by default, others that have an empty 
one, while openSUSE has a populated one but with some files that are nothing 
but comments. Of which distro(s) do you write? Have you tried an xorg.conf 
file with nothing in it but an InputDevice section?
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