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Mon Jan 28 13:56:28 PST 2013

On Sonntag, 27. Januar 2013 15:53:26 CEST, egunther at wrote:
> Hello,
> Thank You very much for the reply.  Unfortunately I am kind of stumbling
> in the dark here and so tried what I 'got' or thought might work.  What I
> interpreted you to mean was that I 'could' copy another file, which in
> this case needed to be 64, because both the software and the OS are 64.
> I copied from /usr/lib64/
> to
> /usr/Softimage/Softimage_2011/Application/bin/
> and X froze/crashed.

Errm ... sure you "copied" it, not more like "moved" it?

> I Did try to rm the newly copied from the

Well, in case you moved it away from it's former location, run "yast" from the textshell and reinstall the libXext package - otherwise you're screwed, except:

Notice also that the variant is usually only a symlink to eg. which in this case you only have to restore (as root)
cd /usr/lib64/
ln -s
(given exists and is not or so)

For the future: do not (never) attempt to fix anything by deleting anything - destrucitve step that cannot be undone.
Just move the file away ("mv")

>      Otherwise it appeared from what you had said that I would need
> to find a version of libX11 that would include that ?compile flag?
Not a compile flag. When the libXext was compiled (by autodesk) there was a around which contained such symbol. Your system now tries to find that symbol, but can't and therefore the process cannot be executed.

> had used that option to compile.  That didn't seem like I could  follow
> that through.

There may be more recent packages provided by OpenSuSE where libX11 already has that symbol, but i don't know that.

> export
> LD_LIBRARY_PATH=/usr/Softimage/Softimage_2011/Application/bin:${LD_LIBRARY_PATH}

Since sofimage already invoked libXext from that location, this (or an equal) step must have been present when you encountered the error message you initially posted here.


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