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Wed Jan 30 15:16:04 PST 2013

On Mittwoch, 30. Januar 2013 22:47:36 CEST, Eric Gunther wrote:

> So, likely that I should have done ln -s or cp -s and the same context?
> su -c " cp -s /usr/lib64/ 
> /usr/Softimage/Softimage_2011/Application/bin"
> or 
> su -c " ln- s /usr/lib64/ 
> /usr/Softimage/Softimage_2011/Application/bin"

"ln -s", not "ln- s" - however you /should/ do anything on but an infomrmed opinion about the result, esp. when passing "su" or "sudo" :-)

su -c "ln -s /usr/lib64/ /usr/Softimage/Softimage_2011/Application/bin" will get you a symlink pointing absolute path /usr/lib64/ in the directory /usr/Softimage/Softimage_2011/Application/bin - whether former path currently exists in the system or not.

That path seems infoerior, now that you know you can get updated versions of Xorg matching your requirements.

> Now I think that the command is,
> su -c "zypper up -f libXext6"

I have no experience with zypper, sorry.

> for some reason, the sudo command will not work in this case.
the permissions might be blocked in visudo (you can likely sudo by your user password, while su requires the root one - and installing software is a critical action)

> Not entirely... got the same error now.  Only the NEW problem is that my
> hostname is changed with the install (default) and the license will
> likely not work.  BUT I have not gotten to that issue Yet.
The license is bound to the hostname? =)

it's configured in /et/hostname (surprise) since SuSE meanwhile uses systemd (i think) you can (likely) either use Yast to configure it or 

   hostnamectl set-hostname "<my_hostname>"
so eg.

   hostnamectl set-hostname "box"
> 	by clicking the link which sends it to the package installer.
> 	and I get the same issue.  have to go back over what I have seen.

That's not sufficient (and you should rather not update parts of the System w/o knkowing what you do)
The symbol is defined in libX11 of that repo, the libXext version of that repo seems just en par with the softimage variant (which i did not see) but at least sufficient in the _XGetRequest context.
Just updating libXext this way can lead to various troubles.
Usually one would add such repo to the repo list of the packagemanager and run an update to get the updated packages (Xorg in this case) en block.

>> I do not know what that does, sorry.
> ships with SI
does not help me either =)

>         Registers or unregisters OLE COM servers, Release 1.2

This is likely invoked by softimage and you're not supposed to run it directly but on demand from supporters (with experience about certain softimage issues) only.
It is absolutely not related to the topic of this thread (COM/OLE is a Microsoft IPC system) and you'll unlikely have to invoke it ever.

> it was, to some degree recommended, to register (or correct) path
> variables... I think in the event that they were not already or that
> they had gotten reset.
Usually binary blob applications ship with a launching script which is called via the GUI launchers (application list in GNOME or KDE) and sets all required variables. This is not your problem atm.

> don't remember the specifics.  The NEW thing for me was learning that I
> had to type source to 'source' a file.

you don't.

. file

will usually do (at least in Bash world, i've little to no experience in TCL)


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