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Gene Heskett gheskett at
Wed Jan 15 16:07:20 PST 2014

Greetings all;

I had to replace my GeForce 9400gt card about 3 weeks ago because the color 
mapping was going in the toilet, and put a EVGA 8400GS in its place, still 
using the nouveau driver.

Video performance can best be described as sucking dead toads through soda 
straws, long 4 or 5 second pauses then catchups, which also cut the sound 
to mostly unintelligible gibberish.

Is there anything that can be done?  I note this newer card isn't listed in 
the man page.  If support is "in progress" I can wait, with "baited" 
breath, if not, can anyone suggest a usable card, not an AMD/ATI related 
one, that this older driver still supports, and which is still in the 
supply pipeline and purchasable for under say $75 USD?

Cheers, Gene
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