Option Emulate3Buttons not working for my BT mouse

walt w41ter at gmail.com
Sun Jun 22 14:03:53 PDT 2014

On 06/20/2014 06:48 AM, Łukasz Maśko wrote:
> I've recently bought a BT mouse for my laptop. I've paired it with my 
> komputer and it works. More-less. It has only 2 physical buttons and I miss 
> the middle button, therefore I wish to use the Emulate3Buttons option. But... 
> it does not work. I've created the following config file:
> Section "InputClass"
>         Identifier      "MoGo Mouse BT"
>         Driver          "evdev"
>         Option          "Buttons" "2"
>         Option          "Emulate3Buttons" "on"
>         MatchProduct    "MoGo"
>         MatchIsPointer  "On"
>         MatchDevicePath "/dev/input/event*"
> EndSection

Now that I think about it, I've never used the "Buttons" option and I'm not
sure why anyone would need it.  Evdev should be able to get that information
from the mouse.  I'd try removing that option.

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