[Clipart] First Meeting

Daniel Carrera dcarrera at math.umd.edu
Thu Apr 29 23:24:32 PDT 2004

Bryce Harrington wrote:

>>It might also be good to ask people when they can make it.  02:00 UTC would 
>>be very bad for someone in Eastern Europe (4am for them).
> This issue has come up in other open source projects I've been in, and
> oddly the discussions always arrive at the same two or three times.  I
> guess these are the 'best fit' times for dealing with the Earth's
> curvature or something.

It's not surprising.  The main reason is that people are not distributed 
homogeneously around the world.  This is because we have two big oceans.

> 8pm GMT, which works out to:  
>    8pm England, 8-12pm European time
>    12 noon Pacific
>    3pm Eastern

This one might be good in our case.  If I'm not mistaken, everyone here is 
either from the Americas or from Europe.

Note: I think you meant 7pm GMT/UTC.  Because we are on Daylight Savings 
Time, all the time zones you just listed are shifted up by 1h from GMT/UTC. 
  So 7pm UTC corresponds 8pm England.

This is one of the reasons why I prefer to say "UTC".  Because if one says 
GMT one is likely to think that GMT corresponds to the time in England.

> 7am GMT, which works out to:
>    7am England, 7-11am European time
>    11pm Pacific
>    2am Eastern
>    2-4pm Perth, Tokyo, Sydney

This is probably the least convenient for OpenClipart.  I could make it to 
this one although I'm on EST.  But this time is clearly Asia-centric.

> 2pm GMT, which works out to:
>    2-6pm Europe
>    6-9am America
>    9-11pm Perth, Tokyo, Sydney
>    I don't really know why this ends up being such an inconvenient time
>    for everyone, since in theory everyone can be awake then, but in
>    practice I haven't seen many meetings at this time.  Of course, if
>    there were, I'd probably not be attending since I rarely drag myself
>    out of bed before 8am.  ;-)

How about 16:00 UTC ? (my previous suggestion was 15:00 UTC).

    4pm GMT.
    5-9pm Europe.
    9am-12pm Americas
    12-2am Perth, Tokyo, Sydney

Unless we have some Australian or Asian members (I haven't seen any).

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